Karina Köpf, LL.M.
Certified Specialist for tenancy and apartment property law

Born in Stuttgart in 1971, Karina Köpf is a founding partner in the law firm Köpf Richter Bartels Sebastián.

Since 2014 she has been a Certified Specialist for tenancy and apartment property law.

Having acquired the distinction of Certified Specialist, Karina Köpf has an in-depth knowledge of all areas of property, tenancy and apartment property law. In this area of expertise she represents landlords, tenants, property management companies and hotel operators. The majority of her work involves advising clients on the purchase of residential and commercial property, helping to execute contracts or enforcing claims for compensation and rescission. In the area of tenancy law, she specialises in commercial tenancies, providing support in contractual negotiations, giving notice of termination and enforcing eviction demands. She can also undertake work in areas beyond her certified area, such as building and architectural law, or estate agent law.

Another key area of Karina Köpf’s activities is contract negotiations and review.

Before taking up Law, Karina Köpf trained as a photographer with the Lette Verein in Berlin, and this gives her a deep understanding of the issues faced by the many artists and gallery owners whom she advises on all legal matters such as formation of companies, writing contracts for galleries, obtaining artist visas, etc.

Karina Köpf is fluent in English, a fact welcomed by international clients, including foreign companies and self-employed people who want to start a business in Germany and Berlin for the first time. She undertakes trade mark registration on their behalf and helps them to deal with the authorities.

Karina Köpf takes charge of civil law matters for private and commercial clients following traffic accidents, dealing with the other party in the accident and the insurers.

Karina Köpf studied Law in Hamburg and Berlin, completing her internship in Berlin with honours. In 2011 she graduated from King’s College London as Master of Law. Before becoming self-employed, Karina Köpf worked for several years as a legal expert in a mid-market law and tax accountancy practice in Berlin.