Dirk Bartels, Solicitor and Notary
Certified Specialist for employment law

Dirk Bartels joined us as a partner in 2005.

As a notary in Berlin he undertakes notarisations and carries out all the tasks appropriate to the office of notary, acting as an independent and non-partisan advisor to the parties.

As a Certified Specialist he has many years’ experience in the field of employment law. His clients include employers, boards and executives, works councils, and employees, and he advises and represents them in all matters of individual or collective law, as well as taking legal action to assert their rights in court. In addition, he has experience training works councils and company doctors.

He has had broad experience in property law. For instance, in architectural and building law he has had considerable experience taking legal action to defend and enforce claims for wages and compensation for defects. In the area of tenancy law he focuses on commercial tenancies and lease law, representing landlords in order to realise claims for rent and eviction demands, and advising commercial operators in the negotiation of rent agreements and leases. Another key area of his work is advice on the purchase and sale of property.

Dirk Bartels also works part-time as a visiting lecturer at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL) providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to police officers.

Dirk Bartels is a native of the Lower Rhine region and studied in Hamburg. He took the first State examination in Law there, and the second in Berlin, then spent several years working as a solicitor in a regional solicitors’ and tax advisors’ partnership.